Recommendation/New Discovery: Hater



I’ll be writing this post in English since the band’s lyrics are in English. They also have a great chance of making it outside of their native Sweden (mainly because I think they’re good enough) and as many people as possible should check them out.

The band I’m speaking of is Hater, hailing from Malmö, Sweden. They debuted last year with an EP, Radius, released on PNKSLM. Their first full length, titled You Tried, was released one month ago (also on PNKSLM), and that album is the main focus of this post.

The music that Hater play is a moody sort of (indie-)pop. It’s not cute enough to be twee, it’s not dark enough to be post punk, not fuzzy enough to be shoegaze nor shimmering enough to be dream pop. Yet they incorporate all of these genres into their own expression. They have the aforementioned moodiness, and some of the darkness, of certain types of post punk (Common Way, Always to Get By). They have the wistfulness and melancholy found in dream pop (Carpet, You Tried) and the sometimes distorted, sometimes jangly guitars of C86/twee (Stay Gold, Mental Haven). And on Heavy Hearts they play an almost Fleetwood Mac-ian kind of sophisticated pop (pinch of salt, please) – in an ‘indie’ sort of way, of course.

Their singer, Caroline Landahl, alternates (convincingly) between hoarse cries and an almost velvet-y whisper. She sings of lost love, getting by in life, dealing with yourself and others – and I believe every word she says. The melodies surrounding her voice and lyrics are strong, yet subtle. You might not be walking down the street whistling any of the songs off of You Tried, but when you listen to the songs, the melodies, you feel them, way down in your gut.

I was supposed to see them live this past December, supporting Radio Dept., but my plans fell through (as so often they do…), and I wound up selling my ticket instead. Better luck next time, I hope. And hopefully soon!

Their album is available for purchase at PNKSLM’s store and all the usual places.

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New Discoveries: Sekel


Hurula får den mesta uppmärksamheten från kritiker och den breda publiken, men den fräschaste postpunken just nu kommer från Malmö. Jag har tidigare pratat om True Moon och deras snygga blandning av Siouxie and the Banshees-attiyd och Chameleons-gitarrer. Den senaste upptäckten jag gjort heter Sekel. Sprungna ur psykrockbandet Technicolor Poets spelar de en atmosfärisk och melodiös postpunk, kraftigt strösslad med ett slags oljud man skulle kunna härleda till My Bloody Valentine eller A Place To Bury Strangers. Debutsingeln Selasi/Fred’s Wave släpptes i våras på Malmö-baserade Rundgång Rekords, och en fullängdare är på gång. Något att se fram emot.

Köp singeln här, och lyssna digitalt här.

English translation:

Hurula gets most of the attention from critics and the wider audience, but the hottest Swedish postpunk right now comes from Malmö. I’ve previously mentioned True Moon and their mix of Siouxie attitude and Chameleons-type guitars. My latest discovery is a band called Sekel. 3/4 of the members played together in the psych rock outfit Technicolor Poets, but now they play atmospheric and melodic postpunk, heavily sprinkled with the type of noise one would associate with A Place To Bury Strangers or My Bloody Valentine. Their debut single Selasi/Fred’s Wave was released this past spring on Malmö based Rundgång Rekords, and a full length is on its way. Something to look forward to.

Buy the single here, and listen to it digitally here.