This site is about music. It’s about my thoughts on music. Any genre or artist, as long as I like it. This is a way for me to do something with my interest in music. I write about new stuff (literally new stuff and stuff that is new to me), reviews, rediscoveries, the occasional interview, reflections and recommendations.

If you’re in a band or if you’re making music, drop a line and I’ll check you out, and maybe write something.

I vary between writing in Swedish and English. I (often) tend to write in Swedish when the subject is Swedish, and English when it’s not. Maybe further down the line I’ll stick to just one language. Bear with me.


The photos on the home-, about- and contact pages are taken and edited by me. Most of the pictures of records, bands (etc) are sometimes by me – and if they’re not I’ll give credit where credit is due.